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With decades of industry experience, this entrepreneurially-minded team works tirelessly to get materials where they need to be safely. Aside from their dedication to Arkema, our supply chain team also bonds over their love of the outdoors and their fondness for animals.


Scroll below to learn about each of their contributions.

Michelle Lore, Sr. Supply Chain Manager 

“Customer Service is my #1 passion.”


One of two team members with the company more than 25 year, Michelle Lore is a seasoned Arkema veteran. Starting in customer service, she  has since  worked in almost every business unit at Arkema in multiple roles including purchasing, S&OP, and supply chain.  “Customer service is my number one passion,” says Michelle. “I’m customer service-focused.” She gets a rush from putting processes in place to solve problems.


Michelle also genuinely enjoys being a manager. “We have a really great team, so they make it easy. We work well internally and externally because of our cross-functional background of experience. We are able to capitalize on each other’s diversified history with the company.” She also prides her team with being excellent relationship builders.


The growing role of spray foam in sustainability is of particular importance to Michelle whose dedication to recycling and the environment are more than just a hobby. She has banned the use of plastic bottles at home and actively manages her family’s waste and recycling efforts via TerraCycle.  She is also deeply concerned about plastics in the ocean as an avid scuba diver with over 250 dives and 20 years of experience. When she is not scuba diving, traveling or recycling, Michelle enjoys spending time with her family and their rescued hound dog Daisy.

Jenee Rainey, International Account Specialist 

“It’s a challenging position... but you never get bored.”


Jenee takes pride in having the longest tenure at Arkema of any employee on the Fluorospecialities team. Starting in 1988 in the mailroom, it took her just six months to receive an offer for a new position in the textile chemicals department. Her hard work and natural charm were adequately recognized by the team. She has worked in multiple business units and is currently responsible for imports and exports. After 34 years, she is still passionate about customer service. “It is a challenging position to have,” says Jenee, “but you never get bored. We depend on each other, especially when we need help. When you are in customer service, you have to be that way – a team.”


Arkema’s sustainability initiatives are important to Jenee both professionally and personally. She has worked hard to build a majestic floral oasis and vegetable garden. “I take pride in my home’s curb appeal but I also find nature to be rejuvenating. Whether I have my hands in the dirt or I’m just going for a walk, it helps clear my head and relieve the stress of the day. It can give me clarity on a problem I was having trouble solving in the office. Sometimes, out there, the answer comes to me.”

Roben Wink, Customer Service Account Specialist

“Sustainability is just as important to us as the customer.”


“Sustainability is just as important to us as the customer,” says Roben Wink, an avid equestrian with five years on the Fluorochemicals team. “I think about the world I will be passing onto my grandkids, and about what it would be like not to be able to ride my horse. It would be awful if the beautiful things we have today did not exist in a decade. It feels good to work for a company that takes an interest in a cleaner and better future for everyone.” 


She is accustomed to thinking about problems on a macro level too. Roben handles larger accounts and explains, “I’m not putting out fires as often as you would expect in customer service. So when we do have an issue, it takes the whole team to resolve it.”


She is not adverse to teamwork either. For 25 years, Roben served in the Army Reserves and the Air Force Reserves. It has given her perspective when working at Arkema especially with Forane® 1233ZD. “It’s amazing how flexible everyone is and the company itself. Being able to adapt is a big motivator.” When she isn’t riding or reflecting on her military experience, Roben enjoys spending time with her family on their horse farm in Pennsylvania.

Victoria Neff, Account Specialist - Fluorochemicals Specialties

“Customer service is a tight knit team.”


Driven by a desire to build relationships and understand customer needs, Victoria Neff has over 20 years of experience in customer service, five of which she spent at Arkema. “I look forward to building relationships with our new 1233ZD customers and continuing my connections with our current customers,” she asserts. Each day brings with it new challenges and she couldn’t do it without the Fluorospecialties team. “Customer service is a tight knit team with more years of experience than you can imagine.”


In her spare time, Victoria enjoys spending time with family and their pandemic rescue dog, Dexter, volunteering as a Girl Scout leader and attempting to keep up with the flower gardens at her house. 


Jennifer Baker, Account Specialist, Customer Fulfillment Manager

“We've put together a team of really good people, people who care.”


Over the past two decades, Jennifer Baker has filled many roles within Arkema.  In her current role as Customer Fulfillment Manager for Fluorospecialties, she has the responsibility for overseeing the Customer Service Team and S&OP Planning.  She is the team’s go-to person if someone has a question, she usually has the answer or knows someone internally who can help.


As echoed by some of her colleagues, there are aspects of customer service and supply chain that can require a lot of attention and involve problem solving, but the Fluorochemicals team is always quick to rally together. “Every day is not a cakewalk,” explains Jennifer. "The challenges we've faced over the past two years with the pandemic and its effect on supply chain and logistics have been unimaginable. We've put together a team of really good people, people who care.” Jennifer and her team work to provide the best possible service for a seamless customer experience.


Outside of work, Jennifer and her husband enjoy exploring new hiking trails and traveling to new places. She is looking forward to cruising Alaska with family and visiting her two daughters in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Eric Housman, Technical Supply Chain Solutions Engineer

“My job is to make sure our customers get what they need, safely, the first time.”


Eric Housman is our front-line man. He has met every customer’s first shipment of Forane® 1233ZD. He is onsite to navigate problems and assure everything goes smoothly. “Every customer has different needs,” he says. “My job is to make sure our customers get what they need, safely, the first time.” And if for some reason, that shipment is not up to Eric’s high standards, he’ll be back to make sure the second goes perfectly.


Starting as an intern, a little over a decade ago, Eric was impressed by Arkema’s culture. “Everyone worked together. It wasn’t all on one person and everyone grew with the company.” After working in the auto-industry for several years, he saw an opportunity to come back and grow with Arkema in the Fluorochemicals Business Unit. His contributions to the team have been invaluable, as voiced by many of his colleagues, and his work touches everything from sales to R&D.


When he’s not solving product delivery issues or navigating customer requests for new products, Eric likes to wind down on the lake with his boat or go camping with his family.


Dan Ganter, Supply Chain Specialist

“Even though we’re a chemical company, we care about the environment.”


Working in supply chain, Dan Ganter has gotten used to doing a little bit of everything over the last decade. He handles everything from transloads to railcar tracking to fleet management. He is constantly impressed by the resilience of the team and the open door policy when it comes to learning and helping each other.


Something that strikes Dan is Arkema’s core values, specifically sustainability. “Even though we’re a chemical company,” he says, “we care about the environment.” The outdoors are critical to Dan who lives for the outdoors and fly-fishing. He is deeply invested in the future of the state’s wild life as Pennsylvania is one of the “meccas” for the sport. Outside of work and fishing, Dan enjoys golfing and spending time with family.

Holly Shavell, Supply Chain Specialist

“We collaborate with all areas of the business.”


“The thing I like about supply chain is there are so many different aspects to it” says 11-year Arkema veteran Holly Shavell. “Logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and even the R&D component of it is interesting. We collaborate with all areas of the business.” She counts herself lucky to have worked with so many great people in the company and is especially excited to be a part of the Foam Team as its news supply chain member.


Outside of growing and learning with Arkema, Holly enjoys ZumbaÒ and spending time with her family and friends. She is also raising two box turtles who have just celebrated their 25th birthdays.”