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R32 For You– Did you know R-32 is a single molecule? Learn how this can make your life easier.3 Features of R-32.png


You may have already heard about the environmental benefits of R-32. But do you know specific ways that R-32 can ease some of the burden on an installer, contractor, or property owner? Unlike many modern blended refrigerants, R-32 is single molecule making it easier to handle.

1.       R-32 can be topped off. – Because it’s a single molecule, R-32 can be topped off without a change in composition.

2.       R-32  can be reclaimed. – That single molecule comes in handy! It makes R-32 easy to reclaim.

3.       R-32 has zero glide. – Unlike a zeotropic blend, R-32 has one boiling point making it easier to work with.


For more information visit the Forane R-32 page.

 How Does Forane® R-32’s Thermal Management Affect You?


R-32’s excellent thermodynamic properties set off a chain of events that ultimately benefit everyone from the Manufacturer to the Installer

R32-Properties-Affect- You.png

  1. Less Refrigerant - When working with R-32, you need less of it because of its excellent thermal management properties. This means that product designers can use smaller refrigerant loads when designing the unit.
  2. Smaller Units – When manufacturers have smaller refrigerant loads to specify in a unit, designers can create smaller, lighter weight units.
  3. Easier Installation – Installing a smaller, lighter weight unit is easier than bulkier units of the past.



For more information, visit the Forane® R-32 product page.