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R-32 For You – A Market-Tested Lower GWP Alternative to R-410A

R-32 For You – A Market-Tested Lower GWP Alternative to R-410A


When choosing your next refrigerant, the sheer number of options can make it daunting. There are practical things to consider including whether your new refrigerant has market ready components, and a reliable history; in addition to things like efficiency, ease-of-use, and carbon footprint.


An excellent option may simply be a refrigerant the market has already vetted for you. Enter Forane® R-32, our high efficiency and lower GWP replacement for R-410A. R-32 is now a widely-accepted, stand-alone refrigerant for air-conditioning and heat pump applications.


A Proven History

With today’s installed base exceeding 160 million units from over 50 OEMs*, R-32 has a proven history.  Designed originally as the main ingredient in R-410A to increase its efficiency, many OEMs and contractors are already using R-32 without realizing it!


Global Demand and Availability

Over 100 countries* have installed units containing R-32. We estimate tens of millions of units are being installed annually. While alternative low-GWP refrigerants may lack market-ready components and products, as they are still being tested and approved, R-32 has a bevy of skilled HVAC technicians to safely handle and service new and existing units.


Better for the Environment

The GWP of R-32 is about 1/3 that of R-410A. Factoring in the refrigerant’s increased efficiency, lower charge, and low GWP, R-32 has a significantly improved Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) compared to R-410A, making R-32 the clear choice if you are looking for an environmentally-friendlier alternative.*


For more information visit the Forane R-32 page.


*Information obtained from, a Daikin North America Website. Information on this site is based on a series of white papers also contained on the site.

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