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Forane Blowing Agent 1233zd FAQs

The Forane® team has collected some of the most frequently asked questions to help you understand foam blowing agent 1233zd.


What does "FBA" signify?

FBA stands for Foam Blowing Agent. Forane® 1233zd is a foam blowing agent.

You will see 1233zd referred to as FBA for foam applications. Forane® 1233zd is mixed into a b-side blend for applications including spray foam, foam paneling, pour-in-place foam, and HTS applications.

What are the most common applications for 1233zd?

Forane® 1233zd is most commonly used as a blowing agent for spray foam for home construction (ex. home insulation and roofing) and cold-chain applications. Forane® 1233zd can be used for pour-in place foam for appliance manufacturing. New applications are being investigated for the auto and electronics industries.

Does Arkema have any patents on Forane® 1233zd?

Arkema holds over 400 patents on Forane® 1233zd. Click the button below to speak with an expert about the right formulation for you.

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Is there a way to extend the shelf life of B-side blend containing Forane® 1233zd ? How do I extend the blends’ shelf life?

Additives can increase the shelf life of Forane® 1233zd polyol blend. Arkema works with various partners to develop additives and formulation that can extend shelf life as needed.

If I have already certified 1233zd with another supplier, do I need to recertify Forane® 1233zd with Arkema?

No. You do not need to recertify Arkema’s supply of Forane® 1233zd. Arkema will also provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) with every product.

How does Arkema weigh Forane® 1233zd? How does Arkema verify product weight for deliveries?

Arkema removes the truck from the trailer to weigh the product at a certified scale at our Calvert City plant. Before a customer’s first delivery, our dedicated service technicians verify your set-up and answer any questions you might have. Most often they will also attend the first delivery staying on-site until the delivery is complete.

How does Forane® 1233zd compare to HFCs?

Regulation in the United States guided by the EPA’s AIM Act which is driving the adoption of lower GWP refrigerant gases. Forane® FBA 1233ZD has an ultra-low GWP of 1. Legacy liquid blowing agents tend to have a much higher GWP. The GWP of R-245fa is 1030.

R-134a was also used as a blowing agent for foam. Due to its high GWP of 1430, the EPA banned use of R-134a in new HVAC equipment after 2024. Arkema stopped making R-134a as off 2022.

How does 1233zd compare to hydrocarbons?

Forane 1233zd has superior insulation properties compared to hydrocarbons. It is also nonflammable and VOC exempt.

What will be the next blowing agent after 1233zd?

Arkema’s renowned research and development team is constantly working on new, world-changing developments. We hold  patents in nearly every commercial region of the world. Check back regularly for news and updates on our progress.

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