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All refrigerants have Global Warming Potential (GWP) – some lower than others. With the passing of the AIM Act in December 2020, the EPA was tasked with phasing down the usage of HFC refrigerants.

What is the replacement for R-410A?

A lower GWP replacement for R-410A is Forane® R-32.  Forane® 32 is a stand-alone refrigerant for air conditioning and heat pump applications.

Slightly flammable (A2L according to the ASHRAE 34), Forane® R-32 can be used in new equipment designed specifically for mildly flammable refrigerants as a replacement for R-410A equipment. Its low density allows for the use of a smaller refrigerant charge. Consequently, there is a double advantage of Forane® R-32 versus other high-density solutions.

Benefits of R-32 over R-410A

Unlike blended refrigerants, R-32 is a single component refrigerant: Difluoromethane. Using R-32 refrigerant is not only useful for direct emission reduction but also for indirect impact on global warming. When using Forane® 32, equipment manufacturers reported an increase in system efficiency and seasonal energy efficiency ratio.
  • Forane® 32 allows the use of the same existing component technologies developed for R-410A installations.
  • Forane® 32 allows for the use of a smaller compressor and heat exchanger versus R-22, which lowers manufacturing equipment costs.
  • Forane® 32 equipment size is reduced versus R-22 equipment, which allows for easier handling and integration in the buildings.
  • The GWP of Forane® 32 is 677 according to AR5, and the effective FORANE® 32 GWP is around 474.
  • As a single component refrigerant Forane(R) 32 has zero glide and is easier to recycle at end of life.

Applications For Forane® R-32

Forane® 32 can be used for all types of air conditioning technologies, including heat pumps and water heaters. You can also find refrigeration equipment using Forane® 32 refrigerant in the market.

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R32 For You– Did you know R-32 is a single molecule? Learn how this can make your life easier.3 Features of R-32.jpg


You may have already heard about the environmental benefits of R-32. But do you know specific ways that R-32 can ease some of the burden on an installer, contractor, or property owner? Unlike many modern blended refrigerants, R-32 is single molecule making it easier to handle.

1.       R-32 can be topped off. – Because it’s a single molecule, R-32 can be topped off without a change in composition.

2.       R-32  can be reclaimed. – That single molecule comes in handy! It makes R-32 easy to reclaim.

3.       R-32 has zero glide. – Unlike a zeotropic blend, R-32 has one boiling point making it easier to work with.


For more information visit the Forane R-32 page.

 How Does Forane® R-32’s Thermal Management Affect You?


R-32’s excellent thermodynamic properties set off a chain of events that ultimately benefit everyone from the Manufacturer to the Installer

R32-Properties-Affect- You.png

  1. Less Refrigerant - When working with R-32, you need less of it because of its excellent thermal management properties. This means that product designers can use smaller refrigerant loads when designing the unit.
  2. Smaller Units – When manufacturers have smaller refrigerant loads to specify in a unit, designers can create smaller, lighter weight units.
  3. Easier Installation – Installing a smaller, lighter weight unit is easier than bulkier units of the past.



For more information, visit the Forane® R-32 product page.