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Commercial refrigeration

For commercial refrigerants, Arkema provides Forane® 134a, Forane® 407A, Forane® 404A, and Forane® 449A (XP40) for use in new/existing applications. Forane® 22 can only be used to service existing R-22 systems due to its phase-out as part of the Montreal Protocol agreement. For those needing to retrofit, Forane® 427A – the Easy RetrofitTM - is Arkema’s retrofit solution, which offers the closest match to R-22 in terms of performance, mass flow rates, and operating pressures in both air conditioning and refrigeration. Forane® 407A can also be used to retrofit existing R-404A equipment. Forane® 449A (XP40) is one of the best replacements for commercial and industrial refrigeration with higher efficiency for low and medium temperature applications.

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