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Working Safely With Forane R-32

1. Read the OEM instructions specific to the system you are servicing.
Read the SDS for R-32. SDSs for all Forane® refrigerant products can be found online on the Forane R-32 page.
2. Be mindful. If you are working in an enclosed area, confirm you have adequate ventilation before starting service. Use approved fans and blowers when needed to inhibit the concentration of refrigerant exceeding the LFL.
3. Eliminate any sources of ignition and have a fire extinguisher available at all times.
4. Only use tools approved for A2L refrigerants. These include:
  • Leak/gas detectors
  • Recovery machines
  • Recovery cylinders
  • Fire extinguisher rated for A2L refrigerants is nearby
5. If you are leak checking a system, confirm O2 levels after ventilating the area to assure the leak is not increasing, exceeding the LFL level.
6. Use alternate leak checking methods: Pressurized with nitrogen and/or use dyes instead of using refrigerant.
7. Purge system with nitrogen before repairing the leak or before opening the system to the atmosphere.