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Are There Retrofits for R-410A? Is R-410A still available?

What is the difference between a retrofit and a replacement refrigerant?

A retrofit, meaning a refrigerant gas that can be substituted for the existing refrigerant without any changes to the system, would not only need to meet the mechanical requirements of the system but it would also need to comply with modern regulatory standards including the EPA’s AIM Act Phasedown.

When no known retrofit meets all necessary guidelines, a replacement is required with a new system.

Is there a retrofit refrigerant for R-410A?

There is no retrofit refrigerant for R-410A due to the nature of the blend and its high GWP.

What are my options for replacing R-410A?

Because there are no retrofits for R410A, a replacement is needed. The replacements for R-410A are the two A2Ls, Forane® R-32 and R-454B.

Forane® R-32 can be used in new equipment designed specifically for mildly flammable refrigerants as a replacement for R-410A equipment. Its low density allows for the use of a smaller refrigerant charge.

Compared to R-410A, Forane® R-32 has a low GWP of 675 (AR4), higher capacity, and better efficiency. Due to its single-component composition, Forane® R-32 is also easier to reclaim (no fractionation).

Manufactured in Calvert City, KY, Forane® R-32 has been globally available for over a decade and is already used by OEMs. It is also one of the components of R-410A and R-454B.

R-32 can be used for air-conditioning and heat pump applications.


How long will I still be able to purchase R-410A?

In October 2021, the EPA granted several petitions asking for a GWP limit of 750 on refrigerants used in new residential and light commercial air conditioners as of 01/01/2025. Under the AIM Act, the agency has up to two years to issue a final regulation in those sectors. While the petitions as drafted would preclude the use of R-410A, we expect that the refrigerant will continue to be available to service existing units for some time.



Where can I find information about R-32?

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