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Arkema recommends Forane® 407C, Forane® 407A, and Forane® 427A (R427A) - The EASY RETROFIT™ as R-22 retrofit options for many R-22 applications. All are SNAP approved. 

When reviewing the various retrofit considerations – GWP, capacity, efficiency, operating pressures, flow rates – you will find that these products represent some of the closest overall performance matches to R-22 available on the market today. R-407C has the closest capacity to R-22 for air conditioning, while R-407A offers performance similar to R-22 in supermarket refrigeration. R427A is a hybrid blend that mirrors R-22's operating pressures, allowing it to be used in a wider range of systems. 

Table 1: Retrofit solutions

  Forane® 22 Forane® 407C Forane® 427A Forane® 407A
Primary usage All R-22 systems Air conditioning


R-22 retrofit

Commercial refrigeration
Application range All R-22 systems AC → MT (DX) retrofit AC → LT (DX) retrofit only MT → LT (DX) new & retrofit
Composition (weight %)



23% R-32
25% R-125
52% R-134a
15% R-32
25% R-125
10% R-143a
50% R-134a
20% R-32
40% R-125
40% R-134a
GWP (100 year, AR5) 1,760 1,624 2,024 1,923
Normal boiling point (ºF) -41 -47 -45  -49
Critical temperature (ºF) 205 187 186 180
Capacity (relative to R-22) - Similar (AC) Slightly lower Similar (MT → LT)
Flow rates (relative to R-22) - Similar Similar Slightly higher
TXV change-out - No No No
Recommended lubricant MO or AB POE POE, MO*, AB* POE
Charge ratio (relative to R-22) - 90-95% 95-100% 95-100%
Discharge pressure (relative to R-22) - 15-25 psi higher 0-10 psi higher 25-35 psi higher
Discharge temperature (relative to R-22) - 10-15 ºF lower 20-40 ºF lower 20-35 ºF lower

* A lubricant change may not be required, but POE is always recommended for optimal performance. See retrofit guidelines at before any refrigerant retrofit; consult your OEM for complete warranty considerations.