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R-32 For You – Save Money

R-32 For You – Save Money and Improve Your Environmental Impact


If modern trends have proven anything, it is that the environmentally friendly alternative can cost you more upfront. Everything from whole foods to electric vehicles has a premium attached that is felt by both the consumer and the manufacturer. Recent regulations, supply chain issues, and more have made it even more difficult to keep costs down for OEMs and their customers.

As some manufacturers double-down on legacy refrigerants, more than 50 OEMs* have already moved away from older HFC-blends in favor of the lower GWP alternative R-32. Arkema offers a few reasons below as to why Forane® R-32 is a potentially more cost-effective option for those looking to replace R-410A and make a better impact on our world.


Designed for Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

  • Lower cost per pound compared to R410A and significantly lower cost than most HFO blends
  • Lower charge quantities equate to greater savings on refrigerant costs
  • Lower energy consumption means greater savings for the end user
  • Single component refrigerant; no glide, no fractionation. Easier field charging compared to blends
  • Composition does not change over time (i.e., there is no negative performance impact due to composition change)
  • Tops off/recharged in the field as a liquid or gas


Designed to Lower Carbon Emissions (compared to R-410A)

  • 1/3 GWP compared to R-410A
  • 12% efficiency increase
  • 10% more thermal capacity
  • Lower Life Cycle Assessment compared to 410A
  • Easy to reclaim vs. blends such as R-410A

For more information, visit the Forane R-32 page.


*Information obtained from, a Daikin North America Website. Information on this site is based on a series of white papers also contained on the site.

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