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R-32 – A Lower GWP Alternative to R-410A

R-32 For You – A Market-Tested Lower GWP Alternative to R-410A


When choosing a replacement for R410A, the sheer number of options can make it daunting. There are practical things to consider, including whether your new refrigerant has market-ready components and a reliable history, in addition to things like efficiency, ease-of-use, and carbon footprint.


An excellent option may simply be a refrigerant that the market has already vetted for you. Enter Forane® R-32, our high-efficiency and lower GWP replacement for R-410A. R-32 is now a widely accepted stand-alone refrigerant for air-conditioning and heat pump applications.


A Proven History

With today’s installed base exceeding 160 million units from over 50 OEMs*, R-32 has a proven history. Originally designed as the main ingredient in R-410A to increase its efficiency, many OEMs and contractors are already using R-32 without realizing it!


Global Demand and Availability

Over 100 countries* have installed units containing R-32. We estimate tens of millions of units are being installed annually. While alternative low-GWP refrigerants may lack market-ready components and products, as they are still being tested and approved, R-32 has a bevy of skilled HVAC technicians to safely handle and service new and existing units.


Better for the Environment

The GWP of R-32 is about 1/3 that of R-410A. Factoring in the refrigerant’s increased efficiency, lower charge, and low GWP, R-32 has a significantly improved Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) compared to R-410A, making R-32 the clear choice if you are looking for an environmentally-friendly alternative.*


For more information, visit the Forane R-32 page.


*Information obtained from, a Daikin North America Website. Information on this site is based on a series of white papers also contained on the site.

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