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Our Forane® Refrigerants Tool Belt App was built for busy refrigeration and AC professionals working in the field.  Input pressure or temperature readings easily, receiving all corresponding values immediately.  Calculate subcooling and superheat values as well as descriptions of available Forane®-brand and generic refrigerants. 

The latest app is updated with Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and French languages. Users can easily toggle between a total of eight languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and English, directly from the in-app menu. 

The Forane® Refrigerants team looks forward to providing you with the tools and products to make your job easier.

Arkema is happy to provide HVACR contractors, educators, and students with pocket Pressure Temperature (PT) charts to use on-the-go.  Our PT charts feature products used on a daily basis, including R-22, R-134a, R-404A, R-410A, and our R-22 retrofit product - Forane® 427A (R427A) - The EASY RETROFIT™.

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"Absolute Best! Easiest pt chart, superheat, subcooling, ect. app I have found. I downloaded almost a dozen other apps, trying them out to no satisfaction. Until now, my search is over"

- Dustin Ehrlich

"Everyday tool, quick and easy to use, has most refrigerants, great for people learning the trade!"

- Dino Candelaria

"Absolutely wonderful app for all us HVAC technicians out there. A must-have for any tech's toolbox."

- Anonymous

"If you're into HVAC/R and want to know about retrofits this app is for you. Good stuff in it."

- CharleyBee Bruzgulis